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Teens who Watch 3+ Hours of Television

Value: 31.7 percent
Location: State : Hawaii
Comparison: Prior Value
Categories: Health / Teen & Adolescent Health
Health / Wellness & Lifestyle
What is this Indicator?
This indicator shows the percentage of public school students in grades 9-12 who watch television three or more hours on an average school day.
Why this is important: 

Spending more than three hours a day watching television is associated with physical inactivity among adolescents. Studies have shown that increased adolescent TV viewing is associated with childhood and adult obesity.

Technical Note:  The trend is a comparison between the most recent and previous measurement periods. Confidence intervals were not taken into account in determining the direction of the trend.
Values are not shown where the total unweighted response count is less than 100. Results from the 2011 Hawaii County High School survey are not reportable.
Source: Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System
URL of Source:
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Maintained By: Hawaii Department of Health
Last Updated: January 2013

Time Series Data

2005: 36.9 2007: 32.9 2009: 30.1 2011: 31.7


Teens who Watch 3+ Hours of Television by Gender

Female: 28.7 Male: 34.8 Overall: 31.7


Teens who Watch 3+ Hours of Television by Grade Level

Grade 9: 33.0 Grade 10: 32.7 Grade 11: 29.3 Grade 12: 31.9 Overall: 31.7


Teens who Watch 3+ Hours of Television by Race/Ethnicity

Caucasian: 21.4 Filipino: 41.2 Japanese: 26.3 Native Hawaiian: 29.9 Other: 31.8 Other Asian: 25.4 Other Pacific Islander: 28.1 Overall: 31.7


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