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Children Under 5 Years with More Than 1 Hour of TV/Screen Time

Value: 49.0 percent
Location: State : Hawaii
Comparison: Prior Value
Categories: Social Environment / Children's Social Environment
What is this Indicator?
This indicator shows the percentage of children aged 1 to 5 years who watch TV, videos, or play video games for more than one hour on an average weekday.
Why this is important: 
The combined sedentary time through venues including televisions shows, video games, movie videos, Internet web sites, cell phone texting, and other computer activities is referred to collectively as screen time. Studies show a correlation between increased screen time and increasing risk of becoming overweight or obese. Besides increasing the risk for chronic health conditions, studies show that early television exposure among infants and toddlers could lead to attention problems, speech deficits, and language delays.
Technical Note:  The trend is a comparison between the most recent and previous measurement periods. Confidence intervals were not taken into account in determining the direction of the trend.
Source: National Survey of Children's Health
URL of Source:
URL of Data:
Maintained By: Hawaii Department of Health
Last Updated: January 2014

Time Series Data

2007: 55.8 2011-2012: 49.0


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